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The Extensive Guide To Prevent and Heal Prostate Problems Including Prostate Cancer, BPH Enlarged Prostate and Prostatitis

The Ticking Prostate "Time Bomb"

Your prostate is under biological attack -- triggering changes that threaten your health, even your very life.

Here's how to defuse the ticking prostate time bomb, get rid of prostate disease, and ensure a healthy prostate for life….

Dear Reader:

It's a small walnut-sized gland beneath your bladder and behind your pubic bone … and, if you're an American male or live in another western nation, it's ready to explode.

I don't mean it will literally explode.

Yet at some point in your life, your prostate will undergo an undesirable biological transformation – one that can inconvenience you at best and at worst cause you intense pain, incontinence, or even kill you.

It is estimated that 6.5 million American men visit doctors for an enlarged prostate every year. And 70% of men age 60 or older have latent prostate cancer.

In 2007, around 223,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer in the U.S., and 29,000 died from the disease.

In 2011, about 240,890 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in the United States, and about 33,270 men will die from prostate cancer.

Your chances of being diagnosed with prostate cancer at some time in your life are 1 in 6. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, behind only lung cancer. Most Western men will experience some form of prostate disease during their life.

But you don't have to be a victim of prostrate disease, as I was (more about that in a minute).

There are natural remedies that can help you slow, stop, and even reverse virtually every prostate condition. These safe, natural methods work with all forms of prostate disease -- including benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), enlarged prostate, prostatitis, and prostate cancer.

That means:

No more pain.

No more waking up in the middle of the night to pee.

No burning sensation.

No dribbling urine into your underwear.

No having to wear adult diapers.

No difficulty emptying your bladder.

No painful catheter insertion into your penis.

No incontinence.

No loss of libido or impotence.

No erectile dysfunction.

No bladder or kidney damage.

You'll be able to do something about prostate illness rather than just worry about it or suffer through it. With the breakthroughs I'm going to share with you, you CAN prevent and heal prostate problems!

Best of all, through nutrition and other natural means, you can keep your prostate healthy and avoid the debilitating side effects – including impotence, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems, incontinence, and more – of surgery, chemo, radiation, and prescription meds!

How do I know? About 9 years ago, I had been waking up for months in the middle of the night to go pee. Sometimes it would take a minute or two before I could urinate.

Then, one day in late May, I woke up in the middle of the night with a fierce urge to pee. I got up to relieve myself and I could not go!

My overgrown prostate had squeezed my urethra – the tube that drains the bladder – shut tight. The pain became unbearable. I drove to the emergency clinic and had a catheter put in to drain the urine.

My urologist diagnosed me as having BPH – an enlargement of the prostate. Against his advice, I decided that I would find a way to heal my prostate without pharmaceuticals or surgery.

I embarked on an 8-year research project to find out everything conventional and integrative medicine have to offer for prostate sufferers, evaluate the efficacy of each, and guide other men in finding, choosing, and implementing the right prostate treatment for them. I evaluated the science behind prostate treatments both orthodox and alternative. As a result of this massive effort to take charge of my prostate health, I was successful … and my urinary problems have been eliminated. No more catheters or trips to the ER!

The culmination of this nearly decade of research is my massive guidebook Healthy Prostate: The Extensive Guide to Prevent and Heal Prostate Problems.

Were you to try to find and interpret all these prostate treatments on your own, it would take you hundreds of hours – if you even knew where to look.

Now you can examine the dozens of prostate treatments in Healthy Prostate – and pinpoint the one that can work for you – risk-free for a full 90 days. Read on for details….

Why haven't more men been told these prostate facts?

With Healthy Prostate at your fingertips, you'll quickly identify the best treatment option for whatever prostate condition you have.

You'll gain a thorough understanding of the prostate, how it works, the disease conditions that can affect it – and which one you have or how to prevent problems in the first place.

You'll learn about toxins and other environmental factors – in the food we eat, the air we breathe, even the water we drink – that can have devastating effects on your prostate health … and what you can do to combat them.

You'll discover natural cures, foods, and remedies that you can take at home, without a doctor's prescription, to optimize your prostate health all year long.

You'll also gain the knowledge to intelligently evaluate suggestions from your urologist or internist – and make the decision that's right for you.


12 warning signs that you may have benign prostatic hyperplasia. Page 47.

Which nation has the highest incidence of prostate cancer? Page 132.

The 11 healthiest foods you can eat – and 10 foods you should avoid at all costs. Page 145.

How prostate illness increases your chance of urinary tract and kidney infection. Page 47.

8 ways to treat prostatitis without prescription medications or surgery. Page 62.

The prostate is your G-spot! Here's how to massage your prostate (or have your partner do it for you) for an incredible prostate orgasm. Page 361.

5 reasons why you should want to keep your prostate as healthy as possible. Page 174.

Why drinking milk may cause your prostate to become inflamed. Page 112.

Simple exercise women use to achieve stronger orgasms can help men strengthen their prostate, improving blood flow and removing toxins from it. Page 347

4 out of 10 men who have prostate surgery have to wear diapers because of chronic leakage – and nearly 9 out of 10 become sexually impotent. Here's how to avoid their fate. Page74.

There are 10 risk factors for prostate cancer. Can you name them all? Page 63.

Eating this meat can make you obese and make you sick. Page 38.

9 ways to prevent urinary problems when you have benign prostatic hyperplasia. Page 49.

Why you should NOT go to your regular doctor for a digital rectal prostate exam. Page 78.

How to carry a portable catheter and insert it at home or when traveling – without a visit to the doctor or the hospital. Page 290.

The essential technique to ensure that you succeed in getting your catheter all the way through into your prostate. It's crucial to know this if you have an enlarged prostate. Page 290.

Can talking too much on your cell phone reduce your sperm count? Page 153.

Cleanse your colon of waste and toxins … without an enema or colonic … with this salty beverage. Page 251.

The awful truth about PSA testing. Page 80. Plus: 15 reasons other than prostate cancer why your PSA might be abnormally high. Page 81.

How to test whether you have the optimum testosterone levels. Page 276.

Popular food served in Japanese restaurants can make a soothing compress to relieve prostate pain, inflammation, and swelling. Page 309.

America's renegade sex expert shows you how to become a masterful lover and learn sexual techniques that can give women incredible orgasms. Page 361.

Did you know that stress can constrict blood flow to the prostate causing prostate enlargement and even cancer? See page 335 for seven steps to reducing stress and its effects on your prostate.

How you can remove toxins in your prostate gland with castor oil … without swallowing this awful tasting medicine. Page 308.

Material you used to play with as a kid can act as a cleanser to help remove toxins in your body. Page 238.

25 "phytate-rich" foods that can trigger sudden prostate attacks such as blockages, very frequent urinating, and other prostate symptoms – and how to avoid them. Page 222.

"Retrograde ejaculation" is an undesirable condition in which semen, instead of coming out of the penis, works its way back into your bladder. Do you know which wildly popular prostate treatment has an 80% risk of retrograde ejaculation? Page 52.

9 ways to minimize symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, and pee normally again, without surgery. Page 49.

Are you infertile or did you have difficulty conceiving a child? Why you may be at greater risk for prostate cancer. Page 152.

This healthful, delicious, easy-to-follow eating plan can keep your prostate in tip-top condition. Page 178.

Hidden dangers of traditional prostate treatments

Prostate disease is a major health concern for men because of three conditions it causes: enlargement, inflammation, and cancer. Most Western men will experience some form of prostate disease during their life!

The symptoms can be minor to major and have a profound effect on day-to-day functioning and lifestyle, especially frequent urge to urinate, difficulty urinating, and a burning sensation when peeing.

You can't sit back and just leave the decisions to medical professionals. The medical treatment for prostate illness – from prescription drugs and surgery to radiation and chemotherapy – all have major side effects, including incontinence, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems, and more.

Some of the newer medical procedures, like robotic surgery, are being aggressively promoted and are a very profitable revenue source for clinics and hospitals offering them. But they still have side effects and no improvement in outcomes compared to conventional medical prostate procedures.

When frequent urination, difficulty peeing, and the other symptoms of prostate illness manifest themselves, many men worry and feel helpless. Now you can stop worrying, stop being helpless, and take control of your prostate health!

In Healthy Prostate, you'll learn:

9 simple steps to regaining control over your prostate health. Page 23.

Which traditional prostate treatments can leave you incontinent or impotent? Page 17.

The 7 functions of a healthy prostate. Page 31.

How to prevent your prostate from being poisoned by the foods you eat. Page 34.

6 bad habits that put you at greater risk for prostate disease. Page 41.

The 4 types of prostatitis … and the symptoms caused by each. Page 59.

10 early warning signs that you may have an enlarged prostate. Page 44.

Why more than 90% of men have prostate enlargement during their lifetime. Page 47.

9 simple things you can do at home to pee more regularly, prevent bladder blockage, and relieve the other symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Page 49.

17 side effects from prostate drugs that you want to avoid. Page 54.

The 4 stages of benign prostatic hyperplasia and how to treat each. Page 57.

8 early warning signs of prostatitis – and the most accurate way to confirm the diagnosis. Page 59.

The awful truth about antibiotics and prostate infection. Page 61.

8 alternative therapies that help knock out prostate infection and relieve pain and other symptoms of prostatitis. Page 62.

7 factors that increase your risk of getting prostate cancer. Page 63.

This prostate treatment makes you fat and destroys your libido. Plus, it increases your risk of a fatal heart attack by 28%. Page 96.

10 symptoms that indicate you may have prostate cancer. Page 64.

7 unpleasant side effects that can result from surgery for prostate cancer. Page 67.

15 reasons why you should think twice about having your prostate cancer treated with radioactive "seeds." Page 68.

Does your doctor want to administer estrogen to lower your testosterone level and slow the spread of prostate cancer cells? If so, read this first. Page 69.

25 popular foods you should never, ever eat. Page 145.

The world's safest, easiest, and most surprising prostate treatment ever invented. You can test it at home without a doctor's prescription! Page 71.

Your chances of infection following a prostate biopsy are one in twenty. But what are your chances of dying from the procedure? Page 75.

Men: here's how to have a 5-minute long orgasm. Page 360.

15 factors that make you more likely to get prostate cancer. Can you name them all? Page 76.

Everything you need to know about the dreaded digital rectal exam … but were afraid to ask. Page 77.

Why your prostate cancer is highly unlikely to kill you. The good news on page 84.

Simple test in your doctor's office can detect sphincter deficiency and incontinence. Page 89.

The prescription prostate medication that can kill your sex life. Take it at your peril. Page 92.

Do conventional medical prostate treatments reduce prostate-related fatalities? The answer may shock you. Page 95.

Don't let your cookware poison your prostate. Page 141.

10 ways to minimize your exposure to dangerous electromagnetic radiation that can stimulate cell growth. Page 160.

Modern medicine's understanding of the causes of prostate disease is very limited. And if you live in the U.S., your chances of having prostate problems are up to 100 times greater than some regions of Asia.

Prevention in conventional medicine is virtually non-existent, and what is sold as "prevention" is nothing more than early detection. Doctors are forbidden from promoting alternative ideas for treatments, as they could lose their licenses. Yet traditional diagnostic and treatment methods, such as biopsies, can worsen or spread the disease.

Here's how Healthy Prostate can help you sidestep harmful medicine -- and find healthy ways to prevent and treat prostate disease:

Can eating spicy hot food cause prostate cancer cells to self-destruct? Page 322.

6 toxic household products you should throw in the trash. Page 139.

Dangerous prostate surgery has a 77% chance of making you impotent. Page 97.

17 causes of prostate diseases that you can totally avoid. Page 103.

Sidestep prostate illness by going to the gym – or even with a brisk walk around the block. Page 113.

Eat your way to a healthier prostate. Page 114.

Plus: easy way to determine if your foods contain high levels of pesticides. Page 117.

Why eating oysters can help you prevent prostate enlargement. Page 122.

22 neurotoxic food additives you want to avoid. Page 123.

6 ways to eat red meat and still stay healthy. Page 128.

Is your deodorant giving you prostate disease? Page 143.

The awful truth about pasteurized milk. Page 130.

Why American men have a higher incidence of prostate cancer than any other nation. Page 132.

27 food products you should stop eating – starting today. Page 134.

Are your washing machine, dryer, and other household appliances giving you prostate cancer? Answer on page 157.

Does a vegetarian or vegan diet reduce your chances of developing a prostate problem? Here's the inside story. Page 166.

Ancient Chinese herb used to treat back pain can help prostate cancer cells from multiplying. Page 314.

The key to enjoying maximum sexual pleasure into your senior years. Page 359.

Easy 3-step test determines whether any particular food, supplement, medication, or household item is good for you or not. Page 265.

How to get a thorough colon cleansing -- and remove dangerous toxins from your body -- without going to a doctor's office or clinic. Starts on page 248.

Think yourself to a healthy prostate. Page 329.

Common sleeping pill contains a key hormone for maintaining a healthy prostate. Page 278.

9 foods that can trigger a prostate attack. Page 281.

Why you can't pee during a prostate attack – and how to get your urine flowing again. Page 283.

A simple procedure that can virtually eliminate pain when inserting a catheter through the tip of your penis. Ouch! Page 290.

12 ways to alleviate your urinary symptoms if you have a prostate problem. Page 303.

Popular Halloween decoration is rich in zinc … and may help cure prostate cancer. Page 311

Why prostate cancer patients should never eat sugar. Page 319.

Eating this hot spice can shrink prostate tumors to one-fifth their size – resulting in the death of the cancer cells. Page 322.

"Energy healing" "focuses on moving the flow of energy in the body. Does it really work or is it a bunch of B.S.? Page 331.

Healthy Prostate is much more than an extensive treatment guide. It's packed with diagrams so you can understand exactly where your prostate gland is in relation to the rest of your "plumbing."

Here all in one place is the medical information you need about your prostate so you can be informed when talking to your doctor. We detail all the possible tests and procedures, so you know exactly what to expect.

Healthy Prostate provides insights about the risk factors of possible tests and procedures, so you can avoid destroying your sex life or having to wear adult diapers. This educational manual ensures that you can be in control of what happens to you next – rather than giving up all control to your doctors.

Here's what else you'll find inside Healthy Prostate that can help you live a better, healthier life:

30 steps to inserting a catheter inside you if you can't pee. Page 293.

The amazing connection between broccoli and prostate health. Page 305.

5 steps to cleansing your prostate of toxins with a "sitz" bath. Page 306.

12 herbs that can reduce prostate swelling and inflammation by dissolving toxins within the gland. Page 312.

Is prostate cancer screening a complete waste of time, money, and your emotional comfort? See page 318 for the little-known truth.

This vitamin can reduce your cancer risk 50% -- by stimulating your "tumor suppressor" genes. Page 320.

Household plant used in folk medicine to treat burns can boost your immune system while destroying cancer tumors. Page 321.

This species of clover can prevent prostate cells from advancing to the cancerous stage. Page 323.

5 ingenious devices that can help ease your prostate symptoms. Page 326.

Why men under stress can sometimes find it difficult to urinate. Page 337.

The shocking connection between prostate cancer and suicide. Page 335.

16 steps to a do-it-yourself prostate massage that releases stagnant fluids, increases blood flow, and invigorates the gland. Page 342.

How a martial arts master can help you exercise your prostate gland. Page 352.

Ancient Taoist sex practice helps you control ejaculations and experience intense orgasms. Page 360


And so much more ….

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